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Click on the picture below to get PDF form and to print out. Fill in and send a cheque to sub sec. Address on form if you wish to do it that way

Item: Family Membership.

Price: £20.00

Item: Club Membership.

Price: £30.00

Item: Business Membership.

Price: £20.00

Item: Couple Membership.

Price: £15.00

Item: Individual Membership.

Price: £12.00

What Does your Membership Cover.

Individual Membership: One Person.

Couple Membership:       Two people living together.

Family Membership:       All members of the family living within stated address.

Business Membership:    Any business who wish to sell goods at Round-Ups or through our Web site at no                                                  additional cost, only camp fees.

Club Membership:           Individual club members to be affiliated within the B.W.A.

Please click on the correct “Pay Now” button for the type of Membership you require.

Also select the pay to Friends and Family Button on your “Pay Pal Account”.

Membership payment.

For Overseas Membership please use links below.

Item: Overseas Business Membership.

Price: £22.00

Item: Overseas Family Membership.

Price: £22.00

Item: Overseas Couples Membership.

Price: £17.00

Item: Overseas Individual Membership.

Price: £14.00

Item: Overseas Club Membership.

Price: £32.00