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Constitution. V3: 1/2/2017

The Association shall be called the British Westerners Association (Hereafter referred to as the “B.W.A.”), and the name and logo of the B.W.A. {See end of Constitution for emblem} is the property of the B.W.A. and shall not be used without the express written permission of the B.W.A. Committee (Hereafter referred to as the “Committee”).

The aims of the B.W.A. shall be:

To form a link between those people interested in all aspects of the “American West”;

To arrange activities during the year so that members, whatever their interests, may take part and compete.

To keep Members informed of any items of Western interest through a Magazine, Website, Facebook or News sheet.

To donate a percentage of the yearly profit over Five Hundred pounds made by the B.W.A. to charity, (the charity donation can be suspended at the discretion of the Committee for a period of an agreed time).

The B.W.A. shall consist of Single, Family, Couples, Clubs, Affiliated Club and Business Memberships, and Overseas Memberships in each of these categories. Honorary or complimentary memberships may be arranged by agreement of the committee.

Subscriptions shall be rolling on a month to month basis and shall be as the Committee decides.

Any persons applying for membership must give their correct full name as well as any Western Alias.

The Committee shall consist of up to eleven members who shall be elected by a show of hands at each Annual General Meeting (Hereafter referred to as the “A.G.M.”) by the membership.

Any member standing for election, or re-election, onto the Committee must be present at the A.G.M., unless otherwise agreed prior to the A.G.M. by the Committee.

Each year Three members of the Committee shall be appointed for a three year term of office        and will remain in office for their three year term, unless they decide to stand down.

At the A.G.M. all Committee Members, not appointed for a three-year term, shall stand down and shall be, should they so desire, eligible for re-election. If the members are agreeable and should circumstances require (i.e.. no other members stand for election) the Committee can, should they all be agreeable, be re-elected ‘en-bloc’

Should a vacancy occur on the Committee at any time :

The unsuccessful candidates at the last election of Committee Members shall be notified in         order of voting results; or

The committee may co-opt a member (who as volunteered) to fill the vacancy. Co-opted                 member shall be eligible to vote at Committee meetings.

Members applying for Committee Membership must have been a member of the B.W.A. for at least one year and must take up Single, Couple or Family Membership.

The Committee shall be responsible for forming the rules that make up the Constitution and Rules of the B.W.A., including B.W.A. show / event rules.

Only Members present at the A.G.M. shall be entitled to vote. There shall be no voting by proxy or in writing unless the Committee think fit to make exceptions.

At every A.G.M. the B.W.A. accounts, audited by a competent person, which are made up to the 31st.July of each year, will be distributed with the B.W.A. magazine or newssheet following the A.G.M.

The Officers of the B.W.A., who will constitute all or part of the Committee, may consist of such positions as the Committee deem necessary, The committee will decide what positions are required at any given time.

The Committee shall meet at least FOUR times annually to arrange the affairs of the B.W.A. Meeting times and the Committee will decide venues. Committee Members must be prepared to attend all meetings. Three members of the Committee shall constitute a Quorum, one of whom shall be the Chairman / Vice Chairman.























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