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Individual Members may, if they wish, put on, or help with, western shows without consulting the Committee, providing the B.W.A. is not mentioned in any publicity for such a show. The B.W.A. will not be held responsible for any mismanagement or accident, which may occur to any person or property at these shows.

The B.W.A. will not be held responsible for any loss of or damage to property during any B.W.A. event or B.W.A. Affiliated event.

Any member or Committee Member acting on behalf of the B.W.A. shall notify the B.W.A. secretary when organising or negotiating any venue or show on behalf of the B.W.A. Copies of correspondence between Members and party or parties concerned shall be sent to the B.W.A. secretary so that it may be entered in the B.W.A. files.

If a member wishes to call on the resources of, or use the name B.W.A. in any respect, then the Committee must be consulted beforehand to ensure that the “Western Scene” will not be bought into disrepute with the general public.

If a person relinquishes their membership and then renews after a year or more, that person cannot retain their original Membership number unless all back-subscriptions are paid.

A person who so renews their membership cannot stand for committee (even with previous committee membership) without another full years membership of the B.W.A

A committee member or an Area Deputy must renew their membership within three months of expiry or face automatic removal from office.

Should the B.W.A cease to exist, or if at any time the committee feel that it is no longer a viable proposition to continue, The B.W.A. funds and properties, and funds from the sale of such properties, shall not be distributed among the Committee or Membership, but shall be donated to such organisations or charities having similar aims as the B.W.A as the Trustees deem appropriate.

Any member who wishes to collect for charities at other events other than round-up in the name of the B.W.A must do so only with express written consent from the Secretary, after discussion regarding if it is in the clubs best interest.

The following is the Logo of the B.W.A.

The Trustees are : Robert Mills and TBA










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